I Just Love Doing This

Hello again,

As you know this site is all about people who manage to find that lifestyle business. It might not be what you would think as the traditional lifestyle business, sitting on the beach with a laptop for example. In my humble opinion, this extends to people who work long hours because they do something they love.

Such is the case with Martin Schlatter at Tintmaster in London Colney in the boonies outside London. Tintmaster is a window tinting business and I have to admit it’s not something I’d ever thought about before I met him.

So, I had to ask the question…well it’s rude not to isn’t it?

I Just Love Window Tinting

Martin, what is it about window tinting that you love so much?

He lets out a loud and hearty laugh, “I know, people do find it strange”, he laughs again, “and do you know what? I don’t really know, I just get a buzz from tinting windows”.

In what way?

“Do you know what, I find kit therapeutic”, he smiles widely this time, “there is something very calming about putting the film on the glass, smoothing it out, making sure every little air bubble is gone and then heat sealing it on to the glass. And, it just looks so darned cool once it’s been done”.

O.K, I can sort of get that, but it must be more than that?

Customer Reactions

“Yes, I guess so. I mean, it does look so good and I really enjoy seeing customers reactions when they see the end result be that on their car, home, conservatory or office windows”, he says, “I see genuine surprise in many people that their glass just looks so good”.

Why do people have window tinting done?

“Goodness me”, he laughs again and takes a sip of his Costa coffee, “their reasons can be many and varied and genereally they are personal to the customer. Some want added privacy in their cars, offices need to reflect sunlight in summer and keep them warm more cheaply in winter, so we do reflective glass film. Some people do it purely for the aesthetics that tinting windows can bring”.

“So, as you can see people have their glass tinted for many various reasons”.

Long Established Business

How long has Tintmaster been going?

“Over twenty years”, he replies, “And, I wouldn’t do anything else. To be honest, we get a lot of our business by recommendation. We also have a very good SEO agency that achieve great rankings in Google, and…we have two high flying football clubs with their training grounds in the vicinty, so those Boys like getting their new car windows tinted”, he laughs that booming laugh again.

Can’t the Premier League players afford to buy cars with pre tinted glass then?

“You’d be surprised, despite the fact they earn a fortune, they still like a bargain”!


“Indeed, they do”.

Home, Car, Commercial

What’s your busiest area?

Car window tinting for sure”, he says, “we’ve started doing more commercial window tints and home window tinting has always been popular, but we do more cars than anything else. We find people like coming in to the workshop and watching the coloured film being applied. They get sort of fascinated by it. I end up doing a commentary for a lot of customers. People seem to be genuinely interested in what’s going on”.

Thanks Martin, it has been a pleasure and very enlightening. If you want to see Martin’s web site you can find it at www.tintmaster.co.uk.