Using Your Skills In A Different Way

planningChill Out and Just Let a Skilled Wedding Coordinator Supervise Your Special Day!

These were the words Tania Nursiah heard as she started planning her own wedding. Little did she know that some seven years later she would herself become a wedding planner. Working in the City for a major financial institution she was busy beyond words.

But the birth of her daughter stopped all that.

Change Required

“I thought I’d just go bacl to work and everything would be fine”, she smiles – but it wasn’t.

Tania knew she had to change course and use her in depth admin and organisational skills in a new direction that gave her time with her new family.

“I was very fortunate indeed”, she says, “I spoke to the planner who did my wedding and we got talking. I asked if I could help her out with some work and she agreed. I guess I was in somewhat of a privileged position in that I was paid well in the City and I could afford to take time away without pay. So, I offered to work free of charge. Needless to say Sue bit my hand off”. She smiles at the thought.

Amazing Experience

“However, it was fantastic experience and I learned so much. I’d always told Sue my aim was to start my own wedding planning business and she was fine with that. She appreciated the help and she showed me the ropes for six months. It gave me such a fabulous basis on which to start and then build Orange Blossom”.

As any engaged-to-be-married groom or bride who has a wedding day approaching knows, organising a wedding day requires a lot of valuable time, energy and cash.

Incredible Complexity

Every single feature has to be looked into and organized, for example, flowers for the wedding service and relations, wedding breakflast food selection selections, seating, wedding dress, accessories and bridesmaid and usher clothes and, naturally, wedding venue and overnight accommodation.

The catalog of details – the timing and orchestration of which should be perfect – is surprisingly infinite – and so is the added cost!

A Growing Trend

There’s no doubt that today the use of wedding organizers is increasing fast.

Employing a wedding co-ordinator is on most of young couples’ agenda. Then again, you may not know it but a professional wedding organisation service may be more straightforward to recruit than you think. There is little question, each bride would want the chance to get the assistance of a wedding planner, and nowadays it might just be simpler than you think to hire one.


Look at the advantages of hiring an experienced, professional expert to co-ordinate your special day by checking out this address to learn more and see ways you can make your wedding even more of a dream day.

And, let’s face it, the last thing you want to be worried about on your big day is organising other people. You want to be able to relax and enjoy…as you should! It’s the biggest day of your life.

So, if you want to have your own wedding organised for you (and why not), then give Tania a call at Orange Blossom Wedding Planning.

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